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Dr. McGillicuddy's Mentholmint Schnapps 200ml Bottle

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200ml Bottle

This was the first schnapps flavor I perfected and the most popular spirit ever sold at my Shady Eye Saloon. During my travels, I often quenched my thirst with a glass of beer and sometimes found myself needing something a little more intense. I'd made good use of the icy cold properties of menthol for many years and had experimented in combining it with mint. When I felt the chilly blast of this excellent combination all the way down to my toes, I knew I was on to something. Give it a try, and taste why Mentholmint Schnapps has made me a bit of a legend in these parts. It's good chasing a beer, even better on-the-rocks.
Category Schnapps
Country United States
Region Louisiana
Brand Dr. McGillicuddy's
Alcohol/vol 24%